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President of the Republic of Seychelles

Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan

Whilst the Government of Seychelles decided to adopt its ‘Look East Policy’, it capitalized on the opening of the Embassy of Seychelles in Beijing, China on the 19th September 2007, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr. Patrick Pillay and the Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Zhai Jun, in a ceremony to mark this very auspicious occasion.

Two days later, On Sept 21 2007, Seychelles Honorary Consulate in Hong-Kong SAR was officially opened. Its jurisdiction was extended to cover Macau SAR in 2009. Seychelles representation office is now placed under the authority of Honorary Consul, Ms Chen Ning Ning Diana (Consul General, Seychelles and BBS & JP, Hong Kong)

The Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles in Beijing represents and promotes the political, economic, cultural, commercial and social interests of Seychelles in its jurisdiction, whilst also offering consular services to its nationals.

The Embassy, in partnership with the Department of Tourism in Seychelles, also promotes Seychelles actively as a tourist destination, through the setting up of a marketing section within the Embassy.

The Embassy also serves the following countries:

* Japan

* Republic of Korea

* Democratic People's Republic of Korea

* Mongolia

Her Excellency Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles to China, Anne LAFORTUNE

Since October 2021, Madam Anne LAFORTUNE became the Ambassador of Seychelles to China and Mr. Sidney To is the Minister in the Embassy of Seychelles in China.

Madam Lafortune pursued a Bachelor Degree in Australia, specializing in Mathematics. She served at the Seychelles Polytechnic for 16 years, then moved to the Ministry of Education as Director General for Tertiary Education after which she was promoted to Principal Secretary for Social Development at the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Before her posting to China, she served as the Principal Secretary at the Tourism Department, Seychelles for 8 years. As the Principal Secretary for tourism, Madam Lafortune was also the focal person in Seychelles for the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). 



No. 6-2-121
Jianwai Diplomatic Residence Compound, 
No. 1, Xiushui Street, Chaoyang District,  

Telephone: +8610 8532 5655

Fax: +8610 8532 5612

Website : http://www.seychellesconsulate.org.hk/embassy_beijing.html                                                                                   


Photos of the Embassy’s Events

The Photo was taken at the occasion “Seychelles Soiree 2019”. 5th from right: Ambassador Vivianne Fock-Tave (now appointed the Principal Secretary at the Department of Foreign Affairs), 4th from right: Principal Secretary Anne Lafortune (in June 2021, appointed the Ambassador to China), 3rd from right: Sidney To (Minister in the Embassy), others were local business leaders.

In 2016, Secretary of State of the Republic of Seychelles officiated the Reception for the “40th Anniversary of Independence of Seychelles and 40 Years of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between Seychelles and China” in Beijing, and had a group picture with all staff members of the Embassy of Seychelles in China and the Consulate General of Seychelles in Shanghai.

This photo was taken at the Seychelles Evening of the Beijing International Tourism Expo in 2011. In the middle was Ambassador Philippe LeGall and the Minister Counsellor Sidney To, where others were the Embassy’s local staff. 

This photo was taken in front of the Seychelles Booth for the display of our National Treasure -  “the male & female coco-de-mer” at the Beijing International Tourism Expo in 2012. 1st from right: Ambassador Philippe LeGall (the First Ambassador of Seychelles to China), next to him was the Minister Counsellor of the Embassy, Mr. Sidney To, and opposite to them was the Attache of the Embassy, Mr. Jean-Luc Lai-Lam.