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Given its strategic location in the West Indian Ocean, its political stability and the legal and administrative framework in place, Seychelles is no doubt the ideal investment destination for serious investors. Expanding investment opportunities exist in a wide range of sectors such as adventure tourism, agriculture, fishery (fishing & fish processing), education, energy, financial services, general services, ICT, medical and real estate respectively.

The Seychelles government through its new investment framework is doing its utmost to encourage more investments into the country by safeguarding the interests and the rights of potential investors. Apart from streamlining down the procedures for doing business in Seychelles, the government has also ensured that proper legislation and guidelines are enacted to create equal opportunities for all investors.


To make an investment in Seychelles an easier choice and to help ensure that the investor generates the maximum possible yield on that investment, the Government of Seychelles has introduced a range of legislative measures offering concessions to businesses operating in various sectors of the economy. Under the provisions of the Tourism Incentives Act and Agriculture and Fisheries Act, concessions are granted on Business Tax, Withholding Tax on royalties, GST, Trade Tax and tax relating to the employment of foreign labor. The Government has also been actively cutting away at the country’s Trade Tax rates (customs duty), with the result that, on all but a handful of revenue sensitive items, it now stands on 0%.



Seychelles stated investment policy aim is “to maintain and improve the standard of living of the Seychellois citizens by creating the economic conducive to increased wealth generation by private businesses and individuals.” In order to achieve this, the country has committed itself to supporting an investment friendly climate which guarantees that Seychellois Citizens and overseas investments will complement each other and foster appropriate linkages with all sectors of the economy.

In Seychelles, environmental conservation and protection are at the core of our identity as a nation. The two main economic sectors which drive the economy – tourism and fisheries depend significantly on their natural resources; that is, Seychelles pristine natural beauty and rich fishing grounds within Seychelles’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The purpose is not to only attract investment but to also sustain their relative businesses. Environmental and economic impacts will remain at bay, only if the country’s natural resources are managed responsibly and sustainably. This brought forth conversations with regards to environmental sustainability when meeting with investors in these two sectors and effort is made to shift investments towards businesses that are better stewards of nature.


Main Investment Opportunities in Seychelles

There exist below investment opportunities in Seychelles which welcome foreign investors to participate.



    • Eco Establishments (Eco Hotels on Outer Islands/Boutique Hotels/Eco Lodges/
    • Fishing lodges) – Double amounts of rooms on Outer Islands
    • Exclusive Malls (Integrated with Hotel Development)
    • Entertainment Centre
    • Domestic Tourism
    • Specialty Restaurants
    • Wellness Centre
    • Aquarium
    • Adventure Tourism (Zip lining/Rock climbing)



    • Fish Processing
    • Peripheral Activities
    • Research Institutes (Blue Economy)
    • Maintenance Services
    • Cold Chain Logistics
    • Ice Plant
    • Laboratories




    • Private Schools
    • Behavioral Centres (Gender Specific)
    • Braille Teaching (For the Blind)
    • Advanced ICT institutes
    • Technical and Vocational School
    • Private Hospitals/Clinics
    • Specialist clinics (Optometrist, Orthodontist, Orthopedic, Dieticians, Psychologists)
    • Health Food Outlets (restaurants, shops)
    • Opticians




    • International Business Companies (IBCs)
    • Companies (Special Licenses)
    • Foundations
    • International Trust
    • Limited Partnerships
    • Collective Investment Schemes
    • Protected Cell Companies
    • Securities
    • Non-domestic Insurance
    • International Trade Zones
    • Ship yacht Registration

    • Retirement Homes/ homes for the elderly
    • Condominiums / High End Real Estate developments
    • Port Development
    • Marinas
    • Day Centre for Elderly


    • E- Business Solution Providers
    • Website providers
    • Cyber Security
    • Multi-media development (Software/videos/animation/website/audio)
    • Data Centers
    • Submarine Cable Links
    • Wireless Technology
    • Television Service Providers
    • Internet Service Providers
    • Mobile Service Operators
    • Applications Development

    • Indoor Farming (Vertical Farming/Hydroponics/Aeroponics)

    • Sport Academy
    • Dormitories (Redevelopment of Youth Centre)
    • Water sport Centre
    • Sports Hostels
    • Renewable energy
    • Waste Management





    • Accountancy Services
    • Legal Services
    • Professional Elderly Care Services