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2021.06.15 To facilitate the entry of visitors to Seychelles, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs has published a Travel Advisory for Visitors, please click here for download.


2021.06.4 Ministry of Health, Seychelles has released the latest "Health Entry and Stay Conditions for Travelers v.3.3" on 02 June, key change was the to reinstate restriction on entry for visitors from South Africa, please click here for download.


2021.05.31 Ministry of Health, Seychelles has released the updated Health Entry and Stay Conditions for Travelers on 27 May, please click here for download.


2021.03.25 Seychelles has published an infographics to explain the latest Advisory for Visitors with effective from 25th March 2021, please click here to read the infographics.


2021.03.8 Seychelles has announced that as its vaccination campaign has been quite successful, it will be welcoming visitors from across the globe as from March 25, 2021, please click here to read the press release.


2021.01.22 Seychelles has released the latest travel requirements for visitors with effective from 20th Jan. 2021. Please click here to read the leaflets.


2021.01.22 Following the launch of its national COVID-19 Immunization Campaign on 10 Jan. 2021, Seychelles has announced its new entry requirements procedures for visitors effective from 18th Jan. 2021. Please click here to read the full press release from the Seychelles Tourism Board.


2021.01.14 Seychelles has launched its national COVID-19 Immunization Campaign on 10 Jan. 2021, please click here to read the press release from the Seychelles Tourism Board.


2020.11.20 Update of the New Cabinet of the Republic of Seychelles


2020.10.27 Our Consulate will be relocated to "Room 9B02A 9/F., United Centre, No. 95 Queensway, Hong Kong" with effective from 28 October, 2020. The email address, telephone number and fax numbers remain unchanged.


2020.9.23 From 15 Sep. 2020, all visitors must apply for a "Seychelles Health Travel Authorization" (HTA) via the system provided by Travizory technology, so that they can be granted the approval for traveling to Seychelles. Visitors can apply for an HTA via the official website: http://seychelles.govtas.com, or Android or iOS mobile users can download the apps "Seychelles Travel Authorization" for the application. The press release on the introduction of this Travizory technology could be downloaded here. We also upload the FAQS on the application for an “HTA”, it can be downloaded here.


2020.8.31 The Seychelles Tourism Board has published an 8 pages Guide to assist visitors from permitted countries to visit Seychelles from 1st Aug 2020. From time to time, the Department of Health, Seychelles will publish the list of countries from which visitors are permitted to enter Seychelles. Please download here the current list with changes effective from 31st August 2020. The updated list will be uploaded from time to time.


2020.7.31 Our website has undergone a thorough update with the latest data and information being uploaded, feel free to visit it, and hope that it can provide you with the required information. 


2020.7.31 Seychelles will re-open its border to receive commercial passenger flights from low- or medium-risk COVID-19 countries from 1st of August with the conditions set by the Public Health Authority.

Passengers will not be quarantined but they will have to observe certain regulations under the national framework. Some of them include: a mandatory PCR test done 72 hours before departure for visitors coming from medium-risk countries and an antigen test for those from low-risk countries.  Visitors will stay in those establishments approved by the Ministry of Tourism. And the establishment where they will be staying must be aware of where they are through maintaining daily movement records. When they go out by taxi, the taxi drivers will have to keep a log of the visitors who avail of their services as a tracking measure.

Seychelles Tourism Board has prepared a comprehensive travel advisory guideline: “FAQ - TRAVELLING TO SEYCHELLES UNDER THE NEW NORMAL” for visitors, the guideline can be downloaded here.

As the guideline will be updated periodically, visitors can find the latest version on the STB website: https://advisory.seychelles.travel/


2020.6.11 Latest news regarding the re-opening of the Seychelles Airport on 1st June 2020: -

The Seychelles' international airport resumes commercial operations on 1st June 2020. According to the Department of Health Seychelles, it allows only visitors travelling on private jets or chartered flights destined to authorized resort, yacht or residential facilities to enter Seychelles.
The visitors will not be allowed to leave their place of accommodation. Furthermore, it will be necessary for them to do a COVID-19 PCR test 48 hours or less prior to taking a flight to Seychelles. There will be an entry screening procedures which include symptomatic check, temperature scanning and completion of the health check form, with a rapid antigen test (if required) upon arrival at the airport before commuting to their accommodation. The commuting to their accommodation will also be in a controlled manner.

Press Release of the "Conditions for entry of persons in Seychelles" is here for download and the "Application Form for Entry in Seychelles by Air & Sea" can be downloaded here.


2020.6.11 Latest promotion campaign from the Seychelles Tourism Board

"Dream Now, Experience Seychelles Later" is a new digital campaign designed to keep the islands high in people's must-visit lists. 

Seychelles Tourism Board has published  a series of photos relaying the beauty of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, and what it has to offer and rolled out videos further emphasizing the island nation's uniqueness, all the time echoing a message of hope and a brighter tomorrow. 

All the photos and videos can be viewed from this website: https://www.latest.facebook.com/TheSeychellesIslands/.

Facebook users can log in to view from the Facebook of "Seychelles Tourism Board Hong Kong" and interact with them: https://www.facebook.com/seychellestourismboard.hk/

2020.4.27 On 27 April, President of Seychelles has announced that from 1 June, Seychelles International Airport will reopen for commercial flights in line with guidance issued by the Department of Health. Secondly, Seychellois will be able to travel abroad as per guidance and regulations issued by the Department of Health. Thirdly, leisure boats and yachts will be able to enter Seychelles territory, respecting any guidance from the Department of Health. Address by President Danny Faure on the easing of restrictions related to the COVID-19 situation can be downloaded here.

2020.3.26 Travel and Health Advisory Update about COVID-19 issued by the Department of Health Seychelles on 25 March 2020


Travel and Health Advisory Update about COVID-19 issued by the Department of Health Seychelles on 16 March 2020

Brief report on the Seychelles Investment Dinner in Hong Kong on 24 Jan 2019. For details please click into News under About Us section.





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