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Upload the new Cabinet of Seychelles to the column “Government” under “About Seychelles”.


Seychelles news article on the Opening Ceremony of the “Honorary Consuls Conference 2016”, please click here.


Our Consul General Miss Chen Ning Ning Diana has attended the Hon. Consuls Conference 2016 in Seychelles and made a courtesy visit to the New President Mr. Danny Faure, please click here.


We have uploaded the updated List of Visa Free Countries for Seychelles Passport, please click here for the list.


Opening Ceremony of the Tourism Office, Consulate of the Republic of Seychelles in Hong Kong & Macau on 11 Dec. 2015, click here here for the news.


We have uploaded the latest LIST OF VISA FREE COUNTRIES FOR SEYCHELLES PASSPORT HOLDERS, click here for the list.


Mr. Zhang Yiming, Deputy DG of the Protocol Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China accepted copy of the credentials of Ambassador FOCK- TAVE, the new Ambassador of Seychelles to China, please click here for details.


Please click here for the new Cabinet of the Republic of Seychelles since 1st February 2015.


The President of the Seychelles, James Michel previously announced the new Cabinet of Ministers, please click here for details.


The Seychelles Investment Board has previously published its 3rd Issue of Newsletter for updates on the business environment & latest news of Seychelles, it can be downloaded here.


The Seychelles Tourism Board has previously launched a new official destination video and a new official website to promote Seychelles tourism.
The video can be viewed via youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ov5D9027tc
Link of the new official website of Seychelles Tourism Board is: http://www.seychelles.travel/#


Communique on Ebola from Pulic Health Authority of Seychelles, it can be dowloaded here.

Communique on Ebola from the Seychelles Tourism Board, it can be downloaded here.


In the first half of this year, the Seychelles Investment Board has published Newsletter for updates on the business environment & latest news of Seychelles, it can be downloaded here.


Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria 2014 will be held on 25 - 27 April 2014, please click to view highlights of the 3 day events.


President James Michel delivered his 10th State of the Nation Address (SONA 2014) to the Seychelles National Assembly on 26 Feb. 2014, placing emphasis on the principles of determination, responsibliity and national unity in advancing the country's socio-economic achievements. SONA 2014 can be read at:


The Seychelles budget address 2014 delivered to the National Assembly by the Minister of Finance, Trade and Investment, Pierre Laporte touches on the economic health, GDP and changes in reform could be downloaded here.


Description of the project and location about the “Tender of the Tourism Plot on Ile Soleil” could be downloaded here.


The Consulate has published its 1st issue of Newsletter – Investment in Seychelles, it can be downloaded here.


The Consulate has prepared a brochure that provides useful information in the tourism and business aspects of Seychelles, English version of the brochure can be downloaded here.


The tender for the tourism development on Ile Soleil has been launched by the Seychelles Investment Board. A promotional video for the tender can be found at:
For parties who are interested to participate in the tender, please click to view the “Invitation to Tender” for more details.


Being assisted in the outport shooting by the Consulate of Seychelles in Hong Kong and the Seychelles Tourism Board, a new travel programme “Tailor-made Tour in Seychelles” will be released at 10:30pm on 13, 16-17 Sep. at Jade Channel of TVB, please save the date and enjoy it.


Press release of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Republic of Seychelles on 23 July - Mr. Jean Paul Adam, the Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs, has signed an agreement for the establishment of a political mechanism aimed at enhancing and further promoting friendly relations and cooperation with the People’s Republic of China in a ceremony held in Beijing on 22 July.


"The Seychelles Trade and Investment Forum in Hong Kong" was successfully held on 25 June 2013. Click to view the details.


Full version of the Speech by President James Alix Michel on the occasion of the National Day 18th June 2013.


Press Release of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Republic of Seychelles on 6 May 2013 - Seychelles Signs Historic Visa Waiver with China, it allows for Seychellois passport holders of all types to enter China for a period of up to 30 days visa free.


2013.4.12 Announcement of the "Seychelles Investment Forum in Hong Kong - For building stronger partnerships" on 25 June 2013


News about "Ambassador Philippe Le Gall’s lecture at Shanghai Institute of Tourism" updated

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