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The Seychelles Trade and Investment Forum in Hong Kong

“The Seychelles Trade and Investment Forum in Hong Kong”, hosted by the Seychelles Investment Board, organized by our Consulate and the Embassy of Seychelles in China was successfully held at the Grand Ballroom of Langham Place Mongkok Hotel on 25 June 2013. Seychelles’ delegation was led by the Minister for Finance, Trade & Investment, Mr. Pierre Laporte, with the great support from the industrial, commercial and political sectors of Hong Kong, Macau and China, there were about 180 participants. Co-organizers of the forum include The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Commercial Daily and ONE TV.

During the forum, speakers made presentations and interactions with the participants on the following topics: trade & business environment of Seychelles, tourism, property development, sustainable development of fishery, oil and gas exploration, development of international business company and international financial services, re-development of port and Seychelles for regional and corporate positioning.

Our Consulate has facilitated signing of the “Memorandum of Understanding in Trade & Investment Promotion” between the governments of Seychelles and Hong Kong. The MOU was signed at the forum by Mr. Rupert Simeon, Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Investment Board, Government of Seychelles and Mr. Simon Galpin, Director General of Invest Hong Kong, Government of Hong Kong.


Officiating guests of the forum, from left to right: Ms. Jessie Xue, Mr. Irons Sze JP, Ms. Chen Ning Ning JP, Ambassador Philippe Le Gall, Minister Pierre Laporte, Mr. Simon Galpin, Mr. Rupert Simeon, Mr. Alan Renaud and Mr. Zhang Jie Ling.


The forum has attracted nearly 180 participants from Seychelles, Hong Kong, Macau and China.


Welcoming remarks by Ambassador Philippe Le Gall, Ambassador of Seychelles in China


Keynote remarks by Ms. Chen Ning Ning Diana JP, Honorary Consul General of Seychelles in Hong Kong


Opening remarks by Minister Pierre Laporte, Minister for Finance, Trade and Investment, Republic of Seychelles.


Ribbon cutting ceremony by the officiating guests.


Presentation by Mr. Simon Galpin, Director General of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong (Invest HK), Government of Hong Kong.


Presentation by Mr. Rupert Simeon, Chief Executive Officer, Seychelles Investment Board, Government of Seychelles


Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Invest Hong Kong and Seychelles Investment Board.


First Plenary and Interactive Session: The Uniqueness of Seychelles Tourism - Tourism and Real Estate Development Sectors


Second Plenary and Interactive Session: The Potential of our Blue Economy - Fisheries and Petroleum Sectors


Third Plenary and Interactive Session: Seychelles for Regional and Corporate Positioning – Financial Services Sector


Wrap-up and Closing of the forum


Lucky draw before the end of the forum