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Ambassador Philippe Le Gall’s lecture at Shanghai Institute of Tourism

On 4th January 2013, Ambassador Philippe Le Gall, accompanied by the Minister Counselor Dr. Sidney To has given a lecture on the development of Seychelles Eco-friendly Tourism to a group of 40 students and professors at the Shanghai Institute of Tourism - Shanghai Normal University. During the lecture, the response and interaction from the students was good and the lecture aroused their awareness on Seychelles’ environment and the sustainability of small island developing states.

Furthermore, there will be a delegation from the Shanghai Normal University traveling to Seychelles end of January for the signing of a MOU between the Seychelles Tourism Academy and Shanghai Institute of Tourism. It is intended to enhance the training of labor force & specialists from the tourism industries in Seychelles and China.



Lecture note of Ambassador Philippe Le Gall

[PDF - 172KB]